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Jan. 5th, 2009

Hot Tom Riddle!

(no subject)

Whoever invented the baby monitor was a genius.

Jan. 3rd, 2009

Hot Tom Riddle!

(no subject)

Just in case anyone on my flist likes sweepstakes as much as me,


Tis fun.

Dec. 27th, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!

New theme for my YouTube channel

So Mom, Jack and I were sitting around Christmas Day and Mom and I were laughing because her best friend friend sent her a paper from Ohio that we were reading. We were so excited to get actual NEWS in a paper and started comparing our local paper to that of the Akron Ohio paper and I came up with the idea of sharing my local Kentucky small town paper in all it's horribly written pieces and batshit insane idea of what constitutes as "news". Tomorrow or sometime this weekend I need to go record video to use as an opening trailor and find royalty free music to use that sounds small townish. I think I might ask my friend Nate to make me a tune.

So that is the idea. I'm collecting articles already from past newspapers and plan on actually recording in the next week or so.

Dec. 22nd, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!

(no subject)

Joe Biden as what CNN calls "The Middle Class Czar?"

As much I reluctantly like Biden I have to say...REALLY?

Whoever coined this phrase needs to be shot.

Dec. 19th, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!


We spend 60 bucks on a bouncer seat with a million shapes, colors, moving parts, and Kane wants to stare at the cable modem for an hour.

I want him to freeze in time right now. He is changing too fast and I want to enjoy the newborn time for a bit!

This weekend we are putting up the crib as he HATES the bassinet. As for me..I'm starting to worry that I have no conversation other than the baby. Sure ChaCha provides hours of entertainment and some income, but not many actually know what what ChaCha is so that convo is kinda limited. I need to hurry and finish my offers so that I can get paid on my other work at home site. That one is easy if you are an organization freak and keep detailed records. Which reminds me I have to call the post office. The left a note saying they left a package but they didn't! I have a box next to the front door specifically for packages that don't fit in the mailbox and it wasn't in there. Blah. At least this is a small town where a long line equals 4 people tops.

I am appalled that I have to celebrate Christmas this year. Jack is insisting as well as my Mom. Blah. I'm going to put a good face on it but Christmas? Materialistic stressed out time for people? Really? I also have no idea what to get Jack. I have 2 things but he already knows about them so that isn't very special is it? "Here ya go honey..exactly what you knew you were getting!"

I'm getting my Mom a Spa Day I think. She has been talking about how much she misses the spa. I'm not sure what else to get her though. Maybe just some giftcards for Target as she loves Target.

I want my ring re-sized but I'm thinking this isn't a great time as odd parts of my body are still a bit swollen. The great news is that my boobs are now milk-free! No more pain! I can take a bra off at night! Woot!

Dec. 16th, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!


Head hurts. Trying to look at the screen is excruciating but I have about 2 more hours of work to do. Damn migraine.

Dec. 15th, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!



That is all.
Hot Tom Riddle!

Different schedules

The baby is on a different sleep time than me. He is awake...whenever I'm sleepy. Now that I'm fully awake after my 4 hours of sleep, he is snoozing next to me dead to the world.

The cats are surprisingly not the issue we thought they would be. Rusty could care less, Baby keeps his distance, and Tally, while interested in Kane, doesn't get too close. That is actually relieving as I was worried because the cats like to crawl on you and snuggle. Even better news is that they don't go near any of his stuff like the bed, his changing table, or carseat. Woot!

Jackson's alarm just went off so I'm going to get snuggles before he has to get ready for work. Poor man...6 weeks of no sex and possibly longer. If I didn't have a matching sex drive I'd laugh harder but as it stands...this blows!
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Dec. 14th, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!

(no subject)

"It was such a great time!"

I heard this from women when talking about their own pregnancy time and now that I'm done with carrying the baby I have this to say,

LIES!!!!!!!!!! LIES I SAY!!!!

OMG I'm so glad to not be preggo anymore! The constant backaches, the body temperature issues, the moving insides, the swollen...everything!

Perhaps because my epidural was done so well I didn't have the hormone flush or maybe I'm just one of those folks able to focus and not forget the negative even after something great. I'd dwell on this but meh.

So even with the epesiotomy (sp?) (for those that don't know due to my horrible spelling I mean where they slice the opening of the vagina, in my case practically to the anus, so the baby's head doesn't tear you) I was thrilled to be able to actually sit up without shooting pain in my back. Now that my boobs are milk-free, I'm even more thrilled to be not only able to sleep in whatever position I want, but be able to breath while doing so! Imagine! Being thrilled to be able to take in oxygen!

Everyone told me I should have blogged this stuff while being pregnant but I'm somewhat glad I didn't. Misery loves company and all that rot but inflicting my misery on the unsuspecting is a different thing.

Dec. 8th, 2008

Hot Tom Riddle!

The baby

Just a quick update but Kane Michael was born November 29th :)

We are both doing great and Jack has been GOLD!! Seriously, I don't know what I would have done without him the past week. I put up a quick video on YT of the baby if anyone is interested!


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